Discussion: Saga and Its Horrible Portrayal of Queer Characters

spoilers up to Issue 52 of Saga

Saga is a well beloved comic series following the forbidden romance of two people from waring planets. It also has a pretty cool sci-fi setting and is full of complex characters. There’s currently 52 issues out and a lot happens in that space of time. Including introducing multiple queer characters. The majors players of those are a bisexual woman, a trans woman, a lesbian, and two gay characters in a relationship.

People have stated the series is ‘queer friendly’ and well… no, it isn’t. Its queer representation is actually pretty abysmal. All the afore mentioned queer characters have some sort of shitty treatment, and it’s almost always connected with their queerness.

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Discussion: F/F Erasure in Fandom and Fanfiction

I know what some of y’all are thinking, “Natasha, you just made a post about how much people ignore f/f in adult romance, is another post about peopling hating f/f really necessary?”

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A Look Back: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

In 2012, right before I turned 15, I read the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. At the time, the series was complete and only the first two books of the Heroes of Olympus books were out. I was the perfect age for these books. I’d gotten back into reading and had recently finished reading Harry Potter for the first time (which took me four months to read) and I was ready to find even more wonders. At that age, I adored the books. As the last three Heroes of Olympus books came out, I preordered them on Kindle and read them as fast as my then slow reader self could so avoid being spoiled on Tumblr. I adored these books! Even though after some time I didn’t really like Riordan’s writing style and that ending of The Blood of Olympus wan’t the best, Uncle Rick could do no wrong!

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Top 5 M/M Relationships

Top 5 Wednesday is hosted by Sam from Thoughts On Tomes. This weeks topic is top 5 M/M couples. I haven’t done T5W in a while but I couldn’t pass up on this weeks and next weeks topic, which is f/f (I’ll somehow get it down to 5).

I think before we head in though, please remember if you are not a queer person to not fetishise m/m relationships. Don’t call them ‘sin’, don’t say you’re ‘going to hell [for shipping them]’, don’t spend hours going on about how *hot* their relationship is, don’t put a weird amount of focus on the smut. And please, if you participate in T5W that you do the f/f couple list. Don’t even begin to call yourself an ally to the LGBTQIAP+ community if you focus only on the G, and only men who are the B.

Rant aside, lets go into (some) of my faves! It was hard to narrow them down.

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Discussion: Audiobooks, “Real” Reading, and Casual Ableism

Audiobooks are a medium I’ve only delved in a little. I only ever get them from the library through Overdrive or Borrow Box, and my library has a descent amount of audiobooks. While I’m a person who hasn’t used them much, there’s plenty of people who use them frequently. Whether it be because they go on regular commutes, they do it while they multitask, they have some sort of intellectual disability, they’re blind, they can understand the language used verbally but can’t read it, etc..

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