Top 5 Queer Books

Top 5 Wednesday is hosted by Sam from Thoughts On Tomes. This weeks topic in celebration of pride month is top 5 Queer Books (that don’t feature cis m/m romances). This was so hard to narrow down! I decided to try to get across the spectrum as much as possible.

#5 Violet Hill Series
by Chelsea M Cameron

I’m mentioning this series as a whole because I love it a lot. They’re all f/f romance, Second Chance about a lesbian and a bi girl, Double Exposure about a pansexual girl and a trans woman, and Second Chance about a demiromantic demisexual bi girl and a lesbian. It’s a really sweet and underrated novella series.

#4 Sidekick Squad Series
by CB Lee

The Sidekick Squad series is a great series about queer people of colour. The first book Not Your Sidekick is about an Asian bisexual girl and it’s an f/f romance, and its sequel Not Your Villain follows a black trans guy. It’s a really fun series overall and the characters are so loveable. The next book will be following an aroace Latinx girl as well.

#3 I Was Born for This
by Alice Oseman


This came out this year and I highly enjoyed it. One of the main characters is a biracial gay trans guy and the other main character is questioning her sexuality, as well as Persian and a hijabi. There’s also side bisexual characters. It was a great book overall, and doesn’t really feature a romance for either of the characters. It was great to see a book with a non straight trans character.

#2 Cam Girl
by Elliot Wake


This book follows a bisexual, disabled, Latinx girl and her love interest is genderfluid! It’s also friends to lovers in it. It’s been some time since I read it but I loved it when I did. It is a bit of a dark contemporary but that’s what I loved about it.

#1 Bingo Love
by Tee Franklin, et al


This was a really sweet and heartbreaking comic. It’s an f/f romance with a queer black woman as the main character and it gets you right in the heart, and it has such a happy ending. I really loved it and it’s one of my favourite queer books for sure.

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