SapphicAThon Details and Challenges Rec List

Hey everyone! We’re getting close to the SapphicAThon! What is the SapphicAThon, you may be asking? It’s a readathon I created that focusses on reading f/f romances! It runs for two weeks and goes from 12 am your time 14th to 11:59 your time 28th December. I’m hosting this with my friends Amelie, Elise, Jamieson, and Miriam. You can follow the twitter here.

Below is a bingo board of challenges and rec’s for each challenge. Challenges are completely optional and if you want to do challenges but not focussing on getting a bingo, that’s totally fine! You can also use one book for multiple spots if you’d like. The only rule of the readathon is to read f/f romances that involves the main character. That’s the one rule, no books where it’s a side romance.

If you’re tweeting about it use the hashtag #sapphicathon or tag the twitter @wlwreadathon.

If you have any questions, tweet any of the hosts.

I hope you participate and enjoy!


Note: I haven’t read all the books listed. Some were recommended by people on Twitter as some recs for challenges were difficult to find recs for. I’ll put a * for books I haven’t read. I’ll also bold my favourites.



Under 500 Ratings on Goodreads

Jewish MC


Ace spec MC

Established relationship

Friends to lovers

Trans MC

Non coming out story

Hate to love

They’re both WOC

Disabled MC (this includes mental illness)


Interracial relationship

MC realising they’re queer


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