Movie review: Something Like Summer (spoiler free)

So, Something Like Summer the book has a lot of sentimental value to me. It was one of the first adult queer romances I read, actually it was the first of all. Before that, my only exposure to queer sex in books was fanfiction. But let me make one thing clear about these books.

They’re trash. But the good kind. They have a lot of problems but they also have characters you get attached to. There is goodness to the series and the books get better (well, I haven’t read Something Like Hail and I dnf’d Something Like Rain because I hate William with a passion) but the first book? Terrible.

Of course, I say this while I happily watched the movie. So, the movie? Was it a good adaptation? Yes. I think it was.

It has a lot of small things within it that was nice attention to detail. Tim would call Ben, Benjamin, which he did. And they also included Samson, which is Jace’s cat.

I would say some things that were shortened down were for movie’s length sake. A scene near the end was drastically shortened from months to a few minutes which was disappointing. I understand it couldn’t go for too long but it kind of lessened the emotional impact by changing it like that.

Am I happy I watched it? Yes, it was a good adaptation. It was queer as hell which is what I wanted. Do I necessarily recommend these books? Well, they’re low on the list.


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